Shoe Stores

A shoe stores or shoe shops is a type of retailer that specializes in selling shoes.

Shoes are simply a piece of clothing that we cannot do without. For many men, shoes are an afterthought. While men will often notice everything else about a woman before her shoes, women tend to do the opposite. 

Finding the perfect pair of shoes requires an open approach and a keen eye. Before you fall head over heels, ask yourself if this pair is the real deal. Learn which styles flatter you, including boot height and round, pointed, or square toes. You score better deals when you know whether you rock ankle boots or toe cleavage. Walk around the room to see how the shoes feel, and be honest with yourself -- those gorgeous heels aren't finds if they pinch your feet. Finally, choose colors and materials that complement your existing wardrobe.


Featured Companies

  • Halo Boutique
    Address: 699 South Mill Ave Tempe AZ
    Zip Code: 85281
    Phone: 480 968 4253
  • DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse
    Address: 1374 Atlantic Dr NW Atlanta GA
    Zip Code: 30363
    Phone: 404 815 1999
  • Forever 21
    Address: 9301 Tampa Ave Northridge CA
    Zip Code: 91324
    Phone: 818 998 2864
  • Rainbow Apparel
    Address: 6721 Pines Rd Ste B Shreveport LA
    Zip Code: 71129
    Phone: 318 687 3433
  • Kohls
    Address: 415 Mallory Pkwy Franklin IN
    Zip Code: 46131
    Phone: 317 736 6046